We implemented a content marketing strategy and SEO actions on Graphenea in order to reach a worldwide audience. Our efforts lead to publications in New Scientist, The Guardian and BBC.
Traffic acquisition and revenue from naturopathy e-commerce Kotor Pharma has been amplified by our team. On top of the existing framework, we implemented analytics, tracking, remarketing and inbound (content + PPC) campaigns to drive more visitors and reactivate past customers.
For the second edition of the Summer School On Plasmonics (SSOP2) Nauka Websites has helped Institut Fresnel to set up a conference website with registration as well as abstracts submission systems.
Nauka Websites has created a semantic-based website for Lambda Energy a spin-off project of University of Florence - Italy. We included RDFa data in order to ease compagny informations retrieval from web spiders.
Nauka Websites has integrally develloped the website Cadureso.com for Cardinal Networks International. We offered them technical and graphical services as well as tools to administrate the website and run the radio.
One of the long term projects of Nauka Websites is the watersports community-based website Suwa.fr. Design, News System and Search Engine Optimization have been the focus of our work.
Popsud.org wanted to manage its conferences Optical Complex Systems 2008 online. Nauka Websites has therefore implemented a system of registration for lecturers and online payment for visitors.
Graphemeride contacted us to publish online the services of his redactors's team. Nauka Websites managed to put forth the artistical aspect required by the client.

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